Introducing Workforce — everything you need to know

A great deal of time, thoughts, and effort was put into the development of Workforce. And it is a delight to see it all come alive and ready as a product for you to use. We are particularly excited about how Workforce will enhance your business operations.

Talk about collaboration, trust, expansion, effectiveness, and accountability, Workforce is the platform where it all comes together. But first, let’s start with how it was born.

In the beginning

It started as a table talk, but most importantly, it started with you, our esteemed customers, in mind. The question was ‘How do we help businesses give their staff access to their Redbiller accounts without compromising sensitive account information like their sign-in credentials, authorization PIN, and even account balance?’

We concluded that you should not be forced to release sensitive information simply because you need people to manage your account. That will only make you vulnerable to fraud. You should not compromise sensitive account information for any reason at all. And so, it started as a security and privacy concern.

However, I am deeply pleased to inform you that the final product offers more than just securing your account.

What is Workforce?

Workforce is a controlled environment where your staff can manage your account, offer support to customers, and collaborate.

Workforce helps your staff make better decisions based on the data they are allowed to access. For example, you might want to know the bank with the most daily payouts to give you insight into your customers’ preferred choice of a bank before suggesting it to newbies. Perhaps, the “bank” does more than keep their money.

The Workgroup

The Workgroup is the combination of all workspaces. A business on Workforce is a Workgroup, and all workspaces created by this business belong to this Workgroup. A business can only create 1 Workgroup, but a worker can belong to more than 1 Workgroup. This is possible when a worker works with two different companies and is assigned to a Workspace by each business.

The Workspace

The Workspace is a digital office occupied by your staff and can only perform duties assigned by you within its defined limits. Every Workspace comes with multiple collection accounts through which it accepts payments on your behalf without having direct access to the money. A Workspace can be assigned the duty of an authorizer for other workspaces in the Workgroup either upon every transaction or based on the value of the transaction.

One of the key features of Workforce is its support for business expansion. You don’t need multiple accounts for the branches of your business, all you need is to create Workspaces and assign them to your staff across branches or checkouts. You can monitor all the financial activity at your various branches from your Workforce account.

A Case Study

Without Workforce: Business A is a supermarket with two branches. Each branch of the supermarket has four checkout points to ease traffic, and all payments go into one account, the business account. Now, some customers would like to pay via bank transfer, but confirmation will take a while because the attending staff would have to reach out to the store manager, who might have to reach out to someone else, the business owner, or account officer to confirm payment to the account. Also, there might be a need to do a refund. This could take longer than expected.

With Workforce: Business A creates a Workgroup and eight Workspaces for the eight checkouts and assigns all eight workers to the workspaces. The workers use their Workspace collection accounts to receive payments from customers and confirm payments themselves. Refunds can be initiated to the customer provided that they have been given access to do so and that the amount is within the limit set by Business A.

Business A can as well get a POS linked to each Workspace. All payments made through it go to the main account. And all transactions via the POS reflect in the Workspace transaction history and carries the Workspace’s ID in the general transaction history available on the main account.

Who can use Workforce?

Every business can use Workforce. Its features allow you to tailor it to your business type. Imagine having to change your authorization PIN every time an employee stops working with you or having to handle all transactions by yourself because you don’t have trusted employees to whom you can disclose your PINs. Just think of the kind of exposure this gives the business!

So, whether you are a supermarket that accepts lots of payments or a betting company that does lots of payouts, Workforce offers a way to get as many workers as you desire on board performing financial transactions on your behalf without compromising the sensitive information of your account.

How do I register?

Workforce is a product of Redbiller and is readily available to all businesses registered on Redbiller. To use Workforce, you have to first register on Redbiller, undergo compliance, and be approved to transact as a business on Redbiller.

Your employees who will be using the Workspaces are also required to create a personal or business account on Redbiller to guarantee that their connection to your Workgroup is secure. Plus, they get to sign in to their Workspace using their sign-in credentials and authorize transactions with their four-digit PIN. And if I may add, they will be more accountable for their actions since no one else has access to this information. Not even you.

What happens if the assigned staff leaves your company? The Workspace can be assigned to someone else. The “someone else” that shall be assigned to the Workspace will need to sign in with their Redbiller sign-in credentials and authorize transactions with their authorization PIN. Only the person assigned to a Workspace can access that Workspace. The Workspace can be disabled till you have an employee for it.

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